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Back To Life review – Should You Try This Program?

Back painHello and welcome to our honest and most in-depth Back To Life review.

Truly speaking, back pain can be debilitating. Depending on the type and location you’ve to determine what treatment options are suitable for you. Most doctors recommend staying active and exercise to relieve back pain even if you experiencing mild to moderate pain. 

Exercises especially stretching exercises help in relieving muscle tightness and also strengthen the core. However, rest and pills are also needed to numb the pain and allow the area to heal.

Fortunately, there’s a back pain relief plan that shows you simple to follow stretching exercises to relieve muscle tightness in the back region and strengthen its support muscles. The name of this plan is Back to Life. It is also very popular with the name Erase My Back Pain.

In this Back to Life review, we are going to take an in-depth look at its features, its author, and its pros and cons which will help you in determining if it is for you or not.

What is Back To Life?

Back To Life (or Erase My Back Pain) is a collection of simple yet effective stretches and quick movements that relieve back pain. This program is created by Emily Lark who has experienced chronic back pain for a long period before discovering these stretching exercises.

Most of us start massaging or stretching the sore muscle to relieve back pain. According to Emily Lark, this approach doesn’t work every time. Most people don’t realize the pain usually occur because of other muscle groups. For instance, if you are feeling discomfort in your shoulders, then it often causes by the chest muscles.

Proper stretching is required to live a healthy life. This is because we are often living in a computer/desk-bound lifestyle that imbalance our muscles.

This is a 3-level stretching program that addresses muscle imbalance and strengthens the core muscles. It will help you live a pain-free life.

This is a top-rated program for treating back pain, and it seems like this program is working for numerous people. According to Click Bank (the marketplace for digital eBooks), this program is tested by more than 100,000 people and very few of them ask for a refund (despite having gorgeous 60 days money back guarantee).

This program addresses issues such as lumbar pain, Sciatica, moderate to mild back pain and back pain that occurred due to accident or injury).

Who Is Emily Lark?

Emily Lark PhotoYou may be wondering who Emily Lark is? And can I trust her advice? Before creating this Back To Life review, I did a lot of research on Emily and here is what I found:

Emily Lark has 17 years of working experience as a yoga and Pilates instructor. She is a fitness coach in Chicago and helped many people in different gyms and fitness centers.

Since the beginning of his adult life, he was passionate about making mental/physical knowledge affordable and accessible to every human. For this reason, she created a yoga and Pilates studio in which she started providing low-cost classes to people to make it affordable for everyone.

At the age of 12, she survived a car accident that left her with chronic pain for many years. At the age of 24, the back pain gets so severe that she has to stop her work and get the treatment for it. Instead of going extreme operation route, she consulted back experts and used her knowledge on the human body to construct an exercise plan to rehabilitate herself. Thanks to these exercises, she is now pain-free for almost a decade.

To spread the awareness about these back pain exercises, she developed the Back To Life program.

What Is Included In This Program?

I never suggest any program before testing it myself. Before creating this Back to Life review, I bought the program to see its content. Genuinely speaking, I was amazed by the simplicity of this program.

This program contains three sections:

Video Section:

In this section, Emily has provided three videos. One video for each level. In these videos, Emily takes about 10-minute exercise routine and how you can use these exercises to strengthen your core, release tight muscles and relieve sciatica.

The other three videos are similar to the previous three videos but the only difference is there is no background music.

So, it is up to you which one you prefer.

One of the best things about these videos is, Emily has talked about her situation and how she eliminates her back pain with these exercises. I feel this gives a personal touch to this program.

These exercises don’t need any fancy equipment. You can perform these stretching exercises anywhere.

Download Section:

This section contains a download link to all videos. I guess this is best for people who don’t have a stable internet connection.

You can download these exercises videos and store it on your computer or laptop or smartphone so that you can access it anywhere and any time.

Manual Section:

back to life companion manualThis manual section contains two PDFs:

Companion Manual – this comes handy for people who don’t like watching videos. Additionally, this book talks about the importance of stretching exercises for treating back pain. You will find instructions and pics about how to perform these stretching moves correctly.

Healthy Back Checklist – This is a short report that gives ten tips to improve your overall health especially back. You have to implement these tips into your lifestyle slowly. These small changes can make a significant impact on your overall health.

P.S: I created this Back To Life review on April ’19. It is possible you may get different bonuses or content when you purchase this program. I noticed Emily often update bonuses or add new content.

Does This Program Worth A Try?

If you have reached to this part of Back to Life review, then chances are you now have a good idea if it worth a try or not.

The Back To Life is a sequence of movements and stretches that are created in a pattern to eliminate back pain permanently. You can perform these stretches and moves from your desk, or computer chair or anywhere. Just make sure you get 10 minutes without any disturbance.

This program has a good rating, but still, no one can guarantee if it will work for you or not. The only way you can find it if work for you is by testing it yourself. Many people have tried this program, and this program has already helped them.

One thing I can say with a 100% guarantee, this program is NOT A SCAM. The great thing about this program is, it focuses on improving overall health which should be the primary preference for people in their 40’s.

Although some of these stretches and movements are well-known but the sequence is vital for the treatment of back pain. I have never seen any program that teaches this unique sequence. This is the unique feature of this program because it comes from a yoga and Pilates expert.

In the end of this Back To Life review, I want to say this program worth a try and testing it before going for other drastic steps such as surgery is a no-brainer. Don’t leave your back pain untreated; it will make things hard especially if your work needs you to do a lot of sitting work. Don’t forget you have 60 days guarantee that you can use in case if this program fails to deliver any result.